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4th Annual JSAs - Completed!

In a year of ups and downs for the JSA's, last Saturday was definitely an up day! 

Attendance at the SAS (Sequential Arts Symposium) was a bit on the light side, but I think in the end it made for an enjoyable and very casual day. Admission was free (although there was a suggested donation) and there were a number of great talks - some of which I think Jamie Coville will be putting up in the near future --- thanks in advance Jamie! 

On the flip side, attendance for the 4th Annual Joe Shuster Awards was record-setting, and we were able to hand out all 16 awards in a record-setting 110 minutes. Rick Green deserves special credit for running the show solo this year (unfortunately Rob Salem had a prior commitment) and not a single beat was missed. Andrew Gurudata from the Constellation Awards did our powerpoint presentation this year and he did an outstanding job on it, although Tyrone Biljan, who used to do them and retired from the Awards organisation last August will always be missed. We all wish him, as well as the other former CCBCAA (pronounced cuk-buk-aaw!) members who are assisting him, luck and great success with the upcoming I'm A Believer concert at the Capitol Theatre on July 11th to benefit Visions of Utopia projects. 

The Visions art exhibit was really quite excellent - Ron Kasman did an AWESOME job setting this up for display - the pieces were exceptional and we'll be publishing a list of who did pieces and putting scans up soon. I'll probably be putting them into a subsection of my Comic Art Fans gallery along with the poster art gallery that is already there. After everything is properly scanned, credited, listed and archived, we'll make an announcement on when and where these items will be sold.

Thanks to the creators who came by and hung out in the Signing room and took part in some of the talks: Tom Grummett, Ramon Perez, Marcio Takara, Ray Fawkes, Scott Chantler, David Watkins, Kalman Andrasofszky, Michael Cho, Claudia Davila, Andy Belanger, Howard Wong, Ty Templeton. And to the additional creators who took part in the talks but didn't set up - like Eric Kim, Cecil Castellucci, Lar De Souza, Darwyn Cooke, Mark Askwith, Pierre Fournier, John Bell, Stan Berneche and Dave Ross. Unfortunately Dale Eaglesham's train was delayed and he was only able to attend the evening awards ceremony, but it was great that he was able to make it in for the ceremony.

Mary Waley deserves a lot of special credit for running the kitchen area (and it was awesome that the library has a full kitchen available) as she prepared an excellent lunch menu for our guests and made sure that everyone had something to eat. She also runs double-duty as our official envelope and award presenter during the ceremony and I think she really enjoyed herself. Josh Waley also helped run the JSA merchandise table and organized the seating for attendees of the ceremony .

Special thanks to Jenn Stewart for her assistance in all sorts of different ways - but particularly helping us get risers for the stage area and for helping us with Tom Grummett. Thanks also to some of our uber-volunteers: Jason Truong, Tim Lo, Ty Buttars and Mary and Josh's friends (and I suck because I don't know your names).

I really think special thanks needs to go to Mark Askwith, Francisco Rosa, Mike Aragona, John Bell, Henry Mietkiewicz, Phil Latter, and Rick Green as they really keep the CCBCAA and the Joe Shuster Awards going strong year after year. Without their contributions the show wouldn't have been half of what it was. Thanks to Brian Garside for your assistance with the website these past few years, good luck to you with the upcoming addition to your family!

Last but not least, thanks to the CCBCAA Admin group --- Scott Townsend, for taking on the reins of webcomics ---Jonathan Kuehlein, you are a great voice of reason for the last few years --- Robert Haines, you were an AWESOME addition to our group and your enthusiasm and dedication was a great help and I appreciate all of your advice --- Peter Fisico, for being a good friend and for being the "man on the street" whose opinion matters a lot to me, believe me when I say we could not have done it this year without you  ---  James Waley, you may drive everyone crazy at times ;), but we know it's all for a good cause and in the end, that it was all worthwhile when those winners are accepting their awards and the world learns a bit more about the great Canadian comic creators and their works. I hope that being nominated for a Joe Shuster Award helps bring positive attention to the excellent work being produced by Canadians.

And on that note, the next big Canadian awards event will be the presentation of the Doug Wright Awards - to be presented later this summer! Good luck to all of the nominees!

Many of the nominees and participants in this past weekend's events will be appearing later this summer at the Paradise Con and at Fan Expo Canada, and of course at next year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I suspect a strong representation of Canadian talent will once again be making the exodus down to San Diego for Comic Con International in July.

Actually, at CCI I hope to be presenting the awards directly to Faith Erin Hicks & Ed Brubaker so we can get some pictures for the new website. I'll be mailing out Dave McCaig and John Byrne's.

Just as moving the awards show out of the con environment worked very well last year, moving them away from a con weekend also worked out very well, and we felt it was important to stay consistant with an early June presentation date and downtown venue. A June date gives us enough time to get every aspect organized and completed. On the ride home we were discussing how great it was to be able to sleep in on Sunday! (Not that I was able to sleep in - I had to go to Bobcaygeon for Father's Day).

And with that, it's time to start work on the next Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards --- our 5th Anniversary! Has it really been almost five years? 

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